How To Get A Loan With No Job Or No Employment Verification

Are you unemployed? Believe it or not payday loans with no job verification are possible, you just need to know where to look. This may seem like an odd statement to make since one of the primary factors that payday loan lenders look at when deciding about loaning money is your job, but this is, in fact, something that is possible.

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You Can Get A Loan Without A Job If You Have Verifiable Income From Another Source

When most people think of someone that does not have a job they think of someone that has a lack of income. This, however, is not always the case. Many people out there make a good living without punching in on a time clock. How do they do this? There are a variety of ways.

One way that unemployed people  make money is as a freelancer. Another option is if they have income from a trust fund or settlement. Or they could also have income coming in from a personal business. The point here is that these are all forms of income that can be verified. If you have verifiable income, then getting a loan gets much easier. Today, people are earning a living in less traditional ways than going to a job every day.

If this is a category you fall into then you don’t have to worry, getting a loan by showing income from something other than a job is definitely possible.

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You Can Use Your Assets To Help Qualify For A Loan

Another option you should consider when you are looking for payday loans with no job verification is what is known as a no-ration loan. In order to qualify for this type of loan, there are a few criteria you are going to have to meet first.

The first criteria you have to meet is that you have to have a great credit score. Lenders that are going to let you borrow money without verifying employment are going to want to see a credit history that shows that you are reliable.

The second criteria you have to meet is that you must have substantial assets that will more than cover the amount of the loan you are getting should you end up defaulting on it. Be warned though, when you put up your assets as collateral for a loan you will lose those assets if you should default.

You May Also Be Able To Get A Loan If You Can Find A Co-Signer

Another option to consider is looking for a close friend or relative that would be willing to co-sign on a loan for you. A co-signer is basically promising that should you, the borrower default on the loan, then they would be responsible for it. While this is a great option in theory, in practice it can be more problematic.

While a borrower may have no intention of defaulting on a loan, should it happen then their friend or relative will likely be upset. This can cause a major strain in their relationship, which makes having someone co-sign a loan for you a risky proposition.

Lenders Care More About Your Ability To Pay Back A Loan Than Where The Money Comes From

Ultimately the most important thing to remember about any bank or lender is that their primary concern is being able to get the money back, and the interest on that money. They aren’t as concerned about where your income comes from as much as they are concerned that you have the means to pay them back.

Now obviously this doesn’t mean that you can be involved in some illegal activity to generate income, lenders definitely won’t be alright with that. What they will be alright with is you are showing them proof via bank records that you do in fact have verifiable income. They may also want a list of assets that you have that they can use as collateral for your loan.

How iQuickLoanz Can Help If You are Unemployed

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